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Sufism is a living practice in the contemporary world, offering a path toward the Truth where there are no provisions except Love –remembering God in thought, word and deed, and selfless service and consideration of others. Its method, transmitted through the teachings and guidance of a chain of true masters, is to help the sincere disciple to lose his or her self, to become Love and a manifestation of the Divine nature that lies within us.

The Nimatullahi Order is an authentic Sufi order that has been in continuous existence for over 700 years. Its centers around the world support practitioners in the mystical way. Here in Denver, a small gathering is taking root, seeking to serve any sincere seekers who are drawn to the spiritual world and seeking spiritual guidance on a path toward Love and selfless service.

Information and Inquiries

Sincere seekers – new or returning – will find our main website and the Sufi Journal rich sources of information and inspiration about the Sufi path and mystical life. 

Locally, we welcome your inquiries at info@suficenterdenver.org or 303-658-9195 to arrange a conversation or visit.
Autumn is a wonderful time of year when Nature thrills us with a burst of color while helping us transition to the quiet depth of the winter season.  These fall days are a good time to pull together, gather our provisions for warmth, and consider our reality.

Often, individuals contact our Center with curiosity about Sufism, stirred by a chance encounter, a poem, some manner of yearning in the heart. What is it that we want but don't have? What is the Truth about this life we live? How shall we live? Sufism provides a mystical answer, pointing to knowledge found only in mystical union with God in one's heart - the Truth learned, practiced and realized through Love. We invite you to come by during one of our monthly open house events, or call to arrange a time that works for you to visit. Most of all we encourage you to listen to the autumn song of your heart, and to follow your desire for what is true and abiding - Absolute Love!
Monthly Sunday "Library Hours"
- Check out MeetUp.com for postings!  3:00-5:00pm -11th and Sherman, Denver


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